After you are done breastfeeding it is now the perfect time to rejuvenate your breasts after pregnancy.

Breastfeeding is a tough commitment, but you have done it because you know how important it is for you and your baby, after many months of breastfeeding it is now time to do something for yourself.  Now is the time to get your body as well as your breasts back into shape, below we will discuss a few ways to rejuvenate your breasts after pregnancy.

rejuvenate your breasts after pregnancy - woman measuring breasts

After pregnancy and breastfeeding your breasts can go through many physical changes, breast become much fuller, hormone levels fluctuate and you may lose or gain weight during the whole process. When breast milk begins to dry up your breasts may begin to shrink and if you lose weight at a fast rate your breasts may begin to sag.

Nursing mothers are often concerned that their breasts will sag due to breastfeeding but this is actually not the case, breasts can sag because of rapid weight loss and weight gain which is something that many women face both during and after pregnancy. A drop in hormone levels can also cause the underlying milk ducts to shrink quickly and cause breasts to sag.

Getting your body and breasts back into shape is not at all difficult and there are some very simple methods that can help women get both their body and breasts back in to shape and most of these methods are simple to do and have no side effects.


Most women are already very active but if you are not, exercise is one of the best ways to get your body back into shape, any aerobic activity including walking, jogging, or using a stationary bike for an hour a day can help firm up your entire body and get blood circulation levels back to normal and improve muscle tone. Another activity that can help improve the look of your breasts is light weight training with dumbbells, exercises like dumbbell flyes or wall push-ups target the breast muscles and can help quickly firm and lift your breasts and get them back into shape.

Breast massage

Breast massage has been used for centuries and is a great way to stimulate blood flow in the breasts, breast massage can be something women should do before and after pregnancy,  while this may seem insignificant, it is easy to do and it can be done when laying down in bed or while taking a shower or bath,  some of the benefits include:

  • Improve skin tone
  • Unblock plugged milk glands
  • Can help tone the breast muscles
  • Can help drainage during breastfeeding
  • Help remove unwanted toxins in the breasts

If you are not comfortable with massaging your breasts you may want to invite your significant other to help you, or you may want to consider using an automatic breast massage apparatus, they are inexpensive and easy to use and can be very effective at  stimulating blood flow and reducing toxins in the breasts.

Breast enhancement creams

Breast enhancement creams are another great way to rejuvenate your breasts after pregnancy, breast creams that contain Pueraria Mirifica are perfect for helping improve breast fullness and increase the size of the underlying milk ducts, in fact, Pueraria Mirifica acts as a natural estrogen to help naturally maintain and restore estrogen levels which are important after pregnancy.


As you can see the above are just a few methods you can use to rejuvenate your breasts after pregnancy, they are safe and very easy to use,  and most of the methods are very practical making it easy to get you body and breasts back into shape.

How to Rejuvenate Your Breasts After Pregnancy