Tips for nursing mothers on how to increase their breast milk supply

If you are a mother who is trying to nurse your newborn baby and you are not producing enough milk there are several things you can do to increase your milk supply, there are foods, tonics and supplements that can save the day and won’t cost a fortune, regardless of the method you choose, the important thing is to ensure that your baby is getting enough milk during nursing. Formulas are an alternative, but they will not contribute to increasing your newborn child’s immunity like a mother’s natural breast milk.

Mother breastfeeding her newborn baby

Eating the right foods

Believe it or not there are certain foods that can help increase breast milk, some of the foods you can eat to increase breast milk includes the following:

  • Oatmeal can help cure the occurrence of diabetes during post pregnancy, oatmeal also gives you energy and contains fibre to help aid digestion.
  • Salmon is high in omega 3 fatty acids which can help your body produce more milk, it also increases good fat content in the milk which will make it tastier for your baby.
  • Apricots are high in fibre, vitamins and calcium which are essential for helping women increase more breast milk
  • Asparagus not only taste good it is loaded with vitamins such as fibre, folic acid, vitamin A, C and K. each one contributes to helping increase more breast milk.

Feed as often as possible

While this might sound odd the more often you feed and drain your breasts of milk the more breast milk you will produce, plus it can help eliminate discomfort often caused by breast that are full of milk.

Go on a pumping holiday

Many women have a job or a career which can make it difficult to breastfeed, try pumping as much as you can during the week to ensure your baby is getting enough milk, if you can, at the end of the week try pumping around the clock over a weekend, pumping after every meal breakfast lunch and dinner will help stimulate a good flow of milk for your baby.

Reduce stress

They say stress kills and, believe it or not, stress can have a significant impact on reducing breast milk production. After childbirth try and relax to help keep stress to a minimum finding  some relaxing time  for yourself is a must if you can.

Herbal remedies and tonics

There are many natural breast milk tonics and supplements that can help increase milk supply, there are many products that contain fenugreek and fennel seed that are very helpful at increasing breast milk supply, most herbal supplements are very safe for everyday use and most only have to be taken for short period of time, most women will see almost an immediate increase in breast milk after only a few days of taking a supplement or tonic.


The above are just a few suggestions to help you boost breast milk production, we cannot stress how important breastfeeding is for your newborn child and the more you can avoid using a powdered formula the healthier both you and your baby will be breastfeeding does not last a lifetime so try to enjoy it as much as you can.

How to Increase Low Breast Milk Supply
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