Woman breastfeeding her newbornHaving a newborn baby is one of the greatest experiences a woman can have, nurturing her newborn baby properly from the time it is born is very important, most doctors and pediatricians will emphasize how important breastfeeding is and why it is better than giving your baby a formula, like it or not it’s not the same and does not have the same effect.

Back in 2004 there was something called Domperidone that some women were using in spite of warnings from the FDA that it was unsafe, Domperidone is sold in many countries, but it can have several health risks which can affect both mother and child, that’s is the reason chemical breast milk enhancers have been removed from the market because of their toxicity.

In the past women would make up their own concoction of herbs to help increase milk flow, unfortunately finding all the required ingredients made it difficult, today with advanced research breast milk supplements have become very popular and the best thing of all is that they contain everything a woman needs to ensure adequate milk flow while she breastfeeds.

Why take a breast milk supplement

One of the reasons women will want to take a breast milk supplement is because they are not able to produce enough milk for their baby, if this happens most likely your baby can become restless and which will also make the mother frustrated and when this happens many nursing mothers will decide to take a shortcut and begin to give their baby some sort of baby milk formula which can irritate the babies stomach cause gas or colic which makes things even worse. A breast milk supplement is not something that has to be taken for a prolonged period of time, just long enough to get the milk flowing again.

What are the ingredients in breast milk supplements?

Any quality breast milk supplement should be chemical free and contain all natural ingredients, Boost breast milk supplement contains all natural ingredients, and sure you could probably try and go out and buy the ingredients individually, then the hard part is knowing what quantities to take, most milk boosters should contain some or all of the following:

  • Milk thistle
  • Artichoke leaves
  • Fenugreek seed
  • Alfalfa leaf
  • Basil leaf

Who should consider using  breast milk supplements

Any woman who is having difficulties lactating should consider taking a breast milk supplement, you may think that you will have to take a supplement for a long time, but on the contrary, Boost breast milk enhancer only needs to be taken for a week or so, or until you begin to see normal milk flow. Once you have an adequate milk supply you can discontinue use. Even if you begin to produce large quantities of milk you can then use a breast pump to extract the excess and store for later while you are away at work and are unable to  feed your baby.

Where to buy

It’s hard to find breast milk boosters in regular stores, Boost Breast Milk Enhancer is sold online and is very inexpensive, it will help you produce plenty of milk for your baby and prevent you from having to resort to using formulas, which are less than adequate at providing your baby the required nutrients.


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